Somewhere, Scott McCloud's brain is tingling, for someone has taken the lauded comics philosopher up on his challenge of the "infinite canvas" and hit it out of the virtual ballpark.That person is cartoonist Tymothi Godek, whose 35-foot-long comic strip, "!", defies both pronunciation and convention.Featuring little text beyond a few exclamation points and other symbols, "!" is a Xeric-grant-winning masterpiece that, in the author's words, "follows a disparate cast as they search for love, adventure, security, or revenge (though not necessarily in that order)." We can't work out exactly how Godek produced this audacious comic -- NASA computers, witchcraft or just a whole lot of dot matrix printer paper? -- but what we can tell you is that "!" will test the limits of your mind and your monitor resolution.

You can read "!" for free right now at Top Shelf 2.0, the venerable indie publisher's new online comics initiative, or you can purchase a print copy of "!" from Godek's website.