For comics fans, it's bizarre enough that there's a Broadway musical about Spider-Man with music by U2. But for U2 fans, that the biggest band in the world has written a Broadway musical about Spider-Man must be even weirder. Many of them probably realized this for the first time last weekend, when U2 performed "Boy Falls from the Sky" for the first time at a concert in Portugal.

We first heard "Boy Falls from the Sky" early last month, when "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" star Reeve Carney performed it on "Good Morning America" as part of a promotional blitz for the forthcoming musical. The quality of the song remains a discussion we'll leave for our colleagues at Aol Music and for you in our comments section, but the track's inner U2-ness is of course better expressed by Bono and company than by the "Turn Off the Dark" cast.

How about you check out the cast version we posted last month and let us know which you think is better?

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