We've seen Ulises Farinas put his Lego minifig spin on superheroes from Marvel and DC, but the ensemble cast illustrating expert's latest piece depicts decidedly more Time Lords than he's ever assembled in one place.

Farinas posted "Lego Doctor Who" to his Facebook account late last evening, declaring the Lego K-9 his favorite of the bunch. Those who've caught the adventures of the ninth, tenth and eleventh Doctors will recognize a pretty vast cast of companions, foes and vehicles running after the stars of the illustration (and their awesome sonic screwdrivers). As usual, Farinas' loving attention to detail makes us wish Lego would wisen up and stack some bricks in the name of Gallifrey's most famous son. A blue brick TARDIS would honestly be the perfect bridge between the toymaker's various series that span multiple times and relative dimensions in space.

See Farinas' full "Doctor Who" image after the jump.