With New York Comic Con 2011 just days away, fans of all stripes are slowly invading Manhattan and the surrounding area. In an effort to perhaps expand a convention visit into a full-on pop culture pilgrimage, Buzzfeed has put together a Google Map stocked with a solid list of locations for the geek-inclined tourists among us to hit while they're in town. The list combines real sites used to depict fictional places (such as the Ghostbusters Firehouse/New York City's Hook & Ladder 8) and general coordinates that are home to people and places found only in entertainment (The Avengers Mansion, etc.). Give it a look after the jump.For those who live in, or have visited New York City frequently, the map may seem like a mere reminder of spots frequently passed during their daily commute. For first-timers or irregular travelers, it's pretty fun to revel in the differences between reality and entertainment. I'll always remember the first time I walked around a decidedly ninja-free Clinton only to find out it was Daredevil's depraved Hell's Kitchen.

See what you think of Buzzfeed's "Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City" below:

[Via Buzzfeed]

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