Below you will find a live stream of Operation Vendetta, a demonstration whereby a reported 2,000 or so people gathered in London's Trafalgar Square this evening and proceeded to march on the Houses of Parliament. The event is an observance of the fifth of November, also known as Guy Fawkes Day, when the British people commemorate the failure of a 1605 plot to blow up part of Parliament and assassinate King James. The occasion has taken on special significance in the aftermath of the global economic crisis and various government's attempts to alter the nature of the Internet, with hactivist collective Anonymous and members of the Occupy movement adopting as their mascot a vision of Fawkes as put forth in V for Vendetta, the classic 1980s graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in which an anonymous anarchist vigilante endeavors to bring down fascism in a future version of Great Britain.

Operation Vendetta was specifically envisioned as a reenactment of the climactic scene from the V comic book and film, and coincides with the Occupation Records release of Moore's new single, "The Decline of English Murder." The Guardian has made the song available to hear in video form, set against clips of Occupy protests. You can see that and live video from Occupation Vendetta below.

WARNING: this live stream may contain language and imagery that may be considered not safe for work

Watch live streaming video from occupylsx at

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