Having already impressed us with a stylized take on superheroes, graphic artist Fabian Gonzalez has now turned his attention to videogame stars. Casual gamers will have a pretty easy time picking out their favorite gaming icons, but even more joy can be had for those who've delved into indie games (Josef from Machinarium is in the mix!). See if your favorite characters made the cut after the jump.Interestingly, a hefty percentage of the characters in this poster have either starred in their own comic book tie-in(s) or are currently in books of their own. Archie Comics' Sonic and Mega Man titles are the obvious standouts, but the Mario crew, Street Fighter gang and plenty of others have either starred in comics or cartoons. It may be awhile before we see a proper Tetris series, though...

As with his "ABC Superheroes" poster, fans can order a print of the "Video Games Characters Alphabet" at the artist's Society6 page for anywhere from $14-50 depending on how massive an image you're looking for.

Behold the full-size image below and feel free ID each letter in the comments:

[Via Kotaku]

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