In what seems to be a relatively short space of time, Magdalene Visaggio has become one of the most sought after creators in comics, with the series Kim & Kim wowing readers, and an upcoming backup in Young Animal's Shade The Changing Girl among her credits. Black Mask Studios seems to know talent when it sees it, as the publisher has snapped her up for three new titles, including a brand new series titled Quantum Teens Are Go with artist Eryk Donovan.

Announced via The Hollywood ReporterQuantum Teens Are Go features two teenagers in love who are working on their own homemade time machine by pilfering parts from science labs at night. Visaggio, who is a trans woman, confirmed on Twitter that Quantum Teens Are Go would feature a trans lead character, and noted that it shares a lot of DNA with her previous work that has also centered trans and queer characters in lead roles.

Quantum Teens Are Go is the first in a non-exclusive three book deal for Visaggio at Black Mask that also includes a second volume of the queer interdimensional bounty hunter comic Kim & Kim, which the publisher is said to be aiming to unveil sometime in Summer 2017. Presumably the creative team for the first volume, Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre, will be returning for its sequel.

The third book is yet to be announced, but is described as a much more personal project compared to the sci-fi high concepts of the other two titles at Black Mask.


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