Welcome to Cast Party, the feature that imagines a world with even more live action comic book adaptations than we currently have, and comes up with arguably the best casting suggestions you’re ever going to find for the movies and shows we wish could exist.

It's Sci-Fi Week on ComicsAlliance, and I'm celebrating with more Cast Party than usual, with a science fiction theme. For this one, I'm focusing on Kim & Kim, the Black Mask sci-fi comic written by Magdalene Visaggio, with art by Eva Cabrera and colors by Claudia Aguirre.

Kim & Kim are Kim Quatro and Kim Dantzler, two queer best friends who work as punk rock bounty hunters in a futuristic world where interdimensional travel is common and mob bosses hire alien octopuses to run their numbers. When an attempted bounty gets way more complicated than the plan, the Kims get wrapped up in a misadventure involving the mob, Kim Q's famous bounty hunter dead, Kim D's supposedly dead aunt, and some robotic gorillas.

  • Hari Nef as Kim Q

    Magdalene Visaggio/Amazon

    Nef doesn't look just like Kim Q (although we'll have to see about giving her the pink undercut) but she's unerringly stylish and has a youthful je ne sais quoi that will work perfectly for the role.

  • Kiersey Clemons as Kim D

    Magdalene Visaggio/Blumhouse

    Clemons is a very promising young star who will bring a different energy to contrast with Nef. If the chemistry's right, they'll be perfect Kims.

  • Asa Butterfield as Tom Quilt

    Magdalene Visaggio/Southpaw

    Quilt's not as young and innocent as he looks. Well, actually I don't know how age works for him since he's a shapeshifting octopus, but he's definitely not as innocent. In any case, it will be an interesting role for Butterfield.

  • Eka Darville as Saar Harring

    Magdalene Visaggio/Fox

    Who better to play one half of the heartthrob boy bounty hunting team than Jessica Jones heartthrob Darville?

  • Jamie Campbell Bower as Columbus Cross

    Magdalene Visaggio/Sony

    And for the other half of that team, the slightly reptilian blond pretty boy, we have actual slightly reptilian blond pretty boy Bower.

  • Russell Crowe as Furious Quatro

    Magdalene Visaggio/Warner Bros

    This is obviously the role you cast with a veteran star, both because he'll do a great job and to get the movie a little extra buzz. Crowe can balance the tough guy thing with a sense of the pathetic, so I think he'll excel as Kim Q's terrible dad.

  • Kerry Washington as Djuna Boulami

    Magdalene Visaggio/ABC

    Washington also brings a little star power, and it'll be a lot of fun seeing her play an adventuring necromancer.

  • Sue Perkins as Mina Sayles

    Magdalene Visaggio/BBC

    Maybe this is a weird choice that's too influenced by the character's glasses, but I think Perkins would be a fun addition.

  • Alyssa Diaz as Kathleen Mega Rush

    Magdalene Visaggio/CBS

    We know basically nothing about this character so far, but she has a great look. Diaz will need a bit of a makeover to achieve that look, but she can definitely carry it off.

  • Kim Whalen as Gretchen Grady

    Magdalene Visaggio/Winter Rose

    We don't know much about Gretchen yet either, except that she's the Kims' other best friend. Whalen's an actress with a lot of promise though.