With its new ongoing Voltron comic series in full swing, Dynamite Entertainment is turning back the clock and digging into the past of the giant robot's five mechanical lion pilots this April in Voltron: Year One. Written by Brandon Thomas, with interior art by Craig Cermak and covers by Admira Wijaya and Jonathan Lau, the new series follows the adventures of Voltron Force when they were simply "Space Explorer Squadron #686" (I would totally read a comic called Space Explorer Squadron #686, by the way). Tasked with a rescue mission few would dare, the young team follows Commander Sven, a character longtime fans will get to see in a completely different light.From Dynamite's official press release:

"Finally, one of the greatest (though misunderstood) characters in the entire Voltron mythos gets a chance in the spotlight, as we dig into his time leading Space Explorer Squadron #686, soon to be known as the legendary Voltron Force," says writer Brandon Thomas. "In the fateful missions leading up to the rediscovery of Voltron, any and all burning questions will be answered---what's the real reason Sven's tenure piloting the Blue Lion was always destined to be a short one? What event ensured that Keith and Lance would forever be rivals? Why has Pidge always been the most dangerous member of the team? And the biggest burning question of all---did the Galaxy Alliance send this particular squad of space explorers after Voltron because they thought they would succeed or because they knew they would fail?"

You can take a look at cover art from Voltron: Year One #1 below:

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