It looks like Wacom's not done unveiling new products following the recent Cintiq Companion and Intuos Creative Stylus rollouts. The company's entire Intuos line has just been given a refresh, with the former Bamboo line of entry level graphics tablets getting nixed and regular Intuos tablets getting bumped up to "Intuos Pro" status. Interestingly, amid the reshuffle is the "Intuos Manga," the first device Wacom's ever marketed directly to comic or manga illustrators in name.

There are seven new tablets in all, with the regular Intuos line sporting a new silver-y design and the Pro models sporting the familiar black plastic look (with the exception of the silver-ish special edition model). All of the tablets come with a redesigned pen, which Wacom says sports "a more tapered shape and soft touch finish" plus optional colored rings and pen-holder tags to customize their look. The standard models have pens that deliver 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, with the Pro models providing users with 2048.

The three entry-level Intuos models include the Intuos Pen (small - $79 USD), Intuos Pen & Touch (small - $99 USD) and Intuos Pen & Touch (medium - $199). All three models can be plugged into a Mac or PC or equipped with wireless functionality (with a range of 30 feet) via Wacom's optional $39 wireless accessory kit.

The Intuos Pro is essentially the same tablet across the board, with all of the same hotkeys and built-in wireless and touch functionality. The only differences are in workspace area and, in the case of the "special edition," seemingly just cosmetic touches. Unlike the basic Intuos tablets, these have around 60 levels of tilt recognition on top of their boosted pressure sensitivity. The smallest model will retail for $249, with the medium model going for $349 and the largest model costing $499. The medium-sized special edition will go for $379.

The Intuos Manga ($99) is the same model as the small Intuos Pen & Touch, only it comes bundled with Smith Micro's Manga Studio Debut 4 and Anime Studio Debut 8. Given that the superior Manga Studio 5 has been on the market for months, it's kind of a strange bundle, but considering the device costs the same as its non Manga counterpart, buyers will essentially be getting free software.

You can see all seven tablets in action in Wacom's official product videos, below.

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