Wacom still hasn't called it a "Cintiq" yet, but the drawing and graphics tablet company has revealed plenty of new details about its mystery mobile tablet. Still set for an August 20 debut, the unnamed HD tablet sporting Wacom's usual pressure-sensetive pen tech will also include two cameras (presumably front and rear-facing options). Additionally, the multi-touch tablet will let users set their own programmable gestures. As far as the tablet's appearance? If these drawings are any indication, it's going to look and work a whole lot like the Cintiq 13HD - right down to its adjustable stand.

This news comes in the form of Wacom Europe's latest "The Innovation Spy" comic strip by the artist known as Millus. In this week's strip investigative reporter Ed Narrato infiltrates a testing lab to take photos of the new mobile tablet as engineers converse about its various features and... zap it with lasers and attempt to copy the schtick of YouTube sensation "Will It Blend."

It still hasn't been confirmed whether the device -- which will come in versions running Nvidia Tegra 4 and Intel i7 processors, respectively -- will be interface with computers the way traditional Wacom devices do, or if their supposed Android and Windows 8 OS guts will render them solely standalone devices like the Surface Pro. Pricing's still a mystery, too.

Until the next teaser-filled comic, those seeking a standalone Cintiq remain as curious as poor Ed.



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