Ever since AMC agreed to host director Frank Darabont's TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series "The Walking Dead," readers and zombie watchers alike have been left to wonder what direction the show would take visually. Neither demographic needs to wonder anymore, that, because the show has gone into production and AMC has unloaded a wild pack of photos displaying the style of makeup being used for its undead.

"We are definitely taking a page from George Romero's mythos here," Darabont told AMCTV.com. "There was always that pressure cooker at the core of it - always that ensemble of characters that were trying very hard to either do the right thing or get away with the doing the wrong thing with impunity."

From the looks of it, we can all expect to see multicolored eyeballs, skin textures that look like they were victimized by nuclear acne, and some good old fashioned open wounds with pale, rotting flesh the color of clam chowder. Have a gander after the jump and decide how frighteningly spot on you think this show is going to be.