Despite the hours I put in reading comics, I managed to see four movies last week. I made it to Hostel II on Friday night (pretty gross) and then Ocean's 13 yesterday (pretty good). But earlier in the week I powered through the Russian sci-fi epic Night Watch before attending the Comics Alliance screening of its sequel, Day Watch. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with these two. Yeah, there were some questionable plot choices, but wow did these films look amazing. I'm not saying they looked amazing considering that they were filmed in Russia for not a lot of money - no - they looked amazing for any country on any budget.

Wanted TPB coverOf course, the topic after Day Watch let out was how awesome Wanted was going to be. The director, Timur Bekmambetov, is a real craftsman when it comes to creating explosive action in a unique world. Wanted offers the director the chance to go even bigger than his -Watch trilogy in a single movie. In an MTV News article today, Bekmambetov spoke about the size of the production on Wanted by saying, "This is Night Watch and Day Watch but four times together."

The MTV article actually offers up some really great insight into what the film version of Wanted is all about. Expect villains galore and a ton of violence. I'm still waiting to see if we can expect to see the awesome suit the main character wears.

The hype surrounding this movie is already huge and it's not even done filming yet. I expect to see Wanted become one of THE movies of 2008.

For more on Wanted, you can also read our interview with series co-creator, J.G. Jones.

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