On this week's (rather late) episode of ComicsAlliance's War Rocket Ajax podcast, Matt holds down the fort and answers your listener questions (for a short time, with a special "guest") while Chris checks in from San Diego with a critique of the ubiquitous advertising at Comic-Con International -- and you can listen to the whole episode right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax #121: All Alone (with Check-Ins from SDCC)

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Matt was one member of the CA fam who couldn't make it to Comic-Con this year, so he starts off this week's flying-solo show by asking listeners to send in their SDCC stories so he can live vicariously through them. He also briefly mentions an upcoming project that's got him a little anxious.

Chris, on the other hand, was in full effect at Comic-Con. And though you'll see his reporting on the biggest stuff right here on ComicsAlliance, he offered up a critique of one crazy advertising campaign in a phone message to Matt:

Chris: There's this thing called Coma, and if you're going to use this for the show, I implore you, don't f--king look it up, 'cause this advertising is bulls--t. What they do is they have people in hospital gowns with I.V. things standing out in the middle of the sidewalk as you're walking around. ... They'll be saying stuff like, "You have to help us. Please don't let them take us back to the laboratory," and then they'll say the address. ... F--k them for making me have to ignore a person in a hospital gown crying for help while there's a legit homeless dude 20 feet away. It's just like, man, who is that ad campaign appealing to?

Meanwhile, Matt spent about 40 minutes losing his mind and talking to himself, under the pretense of answering questions from listeners on Twitter. In addition to having an enlightening conversation with Aqua Teen Hunger Force's very own Meatwad, Matt talked about whether Ultimate Spider-Man's Miles Morales could ever cross over into other media:

Matt: One thing that I always hear from people who don't get comics and would maybe be interested in reading them, but find them very, almost, intimidating, is this idea of there being different universes, and different versions of characters...the idea of there being two different Peter Parkers, I remember being very confusing to people. ... I don't know if there could ever be a Miles Morales movie. I do think one place that Miles Morales could really do OK is in a cartoon, like on Disney XD. Kids are way more willing to accept this kind of stuff than the adults who would be going to see a live-action movie. And a Miles Morales cartoon would be awesome.

Plus, find out some of Matt's favorite non-classic Spider-Man stories and more!

Show notes:

Even though Chris warned against it, you can find out all about Coma here.

Matt talked to USA Today (as King Oblivion Ph.D.)!

Several listeners said there has been one really good Spider-Man cartoon: The CW's The Spectacular Spider-Man. It does look pretty, pretty fun.

Matt's recs:

21 Jump Street


Comics Reviewed:

MonkeyBrain Comics' first wave: "I checked out all five of the launch titles from MonkeyBrain, and I thought some of them were really great, some of them I acknowledge as being enjoyable but not necessarily my cup of tea."

Spider-Men #3: "I now think this is a great comic. This is probably the best Bendis comic in quite some time... I'd say that the payoff is one of the least gimmicky, best emotionally set-up moments I've seen in a comic, at least a Big Two comic, I've seen in a long time."

Space: Punisher #1: "I wish, so much, that this comic was better. ... I probably did not get enough satisfaction out of a comic with a Space Punisher to continue with issue number two."

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