This week on War Rocket Ajax, we sit down with Derek Charm, Jason Baxter and Mac Hamilton, the creators of the incredible Trip Fantastic! There's a lot to talk about, from their affinity for lurid, splashy colors, their kickstarter success and the trials of making comics on the web, so naturally we just basically talk about Baywatch Nights for 45 minutes -- and you can listen to the whole show right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax #145: Boat-Centric Emergencies With The Creators of Trip Fantastic

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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In this week's episode, Chris doesn't like wrestling anymore (okay, okay, he does), while Matt has been dealing with the slightly more highbrow task of editing his book. That's just how we do.

When the Trip Fantastic crew joins us, the talk immediately turns to Baywatch Nights, Jack of All Trades and Thunder In Paradise. Seriously. That was not a joke.

DEREK: We found an episode of Baywatch Nights that was about mummies on the beach, and it turned out it was written by Gerry Conway. We called him out on Twitter, and he responded to us, and then I guess Mark Millar got wind of it somehow and was following our Baywatch Nights Tumblr and talking about it. Mission accomplished. And we got Gerry Conway to say that he basically wrote that as a friend and barely remembers doing it.

CHRIS: Baywatch Nights is something I've heard of, but I've never seen an episode.

JASON: You don't hang out on enough German torrent sites.

MAC: Baywatch Nights spun off from Baywatch. In Season 1, they're just lifeguards and, at night, detectives who work out of a detective agency above a nightclub called "Nights." Yeah, in and of itself, that's pretty great, but the ratings sucked, so in Season 2, they tried to make it more of an X-Files type thing, so they're paranormal beach detectives, and it's incredible.

This discussion continues for the entire show. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Follow Derek, Jason and Mac on Twitter!

Check out the Trip Fantastic soundtrack EP, created for the kickstarter. Jason has a band.

Derek's website has some rad art. The sketches he did during the interview can be seen above!

The guests requested that we include a link to this tribute video for the Thing set to "Behind Blue Eyes." Also this one for Bishop.

Please enjoy this amazing quote from the Wikipedia entry on Jack of All Trades: "As the show's producer and star, Bruce Campbell had an opportunity to use many one-liner jokes for which he is known."

Don't forget to email us a celebrity so we can talk about whether we hate them!

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Superior Spider-Man #2: "This issue goes to lengths to show that yes, this really is creepy, and somebody is trying to stop it." "There are parts that feel a little too much like Peter or Dan Slott talking directly to the reader, but for the most part, it's really well done."

Batman Inc. #7: "Batman Incorporated is the Batman comic I have always wanted to read."

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