Live from the beautiful Matt Fraction Theater in Los Angeles, California, it's the 2012 War Rocket Ajax Flash Gordon Memorial Awards For Excellence (Or Terribleness) In The Field Of Comic Books And Other Popular Culture Commentary -- the Best of the Year show where you make the difference! Chris Sims and Matt Wilson have taken 30 categories suggested by listeners to bestow their awards for the last year of comics, video games and pro wrestling -- and you can hear the entire show, right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax #141: The 103rd Annual Gordie Awards

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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This year's awards categories, and the listeners who submitted them:

Best Wrestling Match of 2012 (Roberto Alva)

Best New Wresler of 2012 (Roberto Alva)

Sensational Character Find 0f 2012 (Roberto Alva)

The Bag of Salt Memorial Award for the Most Surreal Moment of War Rocket Ajax on 2012 (Roberto Alva)

Best Use of John Cena (Alan Carillo)

Most Successful Villain of the Year (Alan Carillo)

Craziest Thing Jason Aaron Has Done In A Comic (Mike Pankowski)

Favorite Thing You Did In A Video Game You Played This Year (Mike Pankowski)

The Gordon's Alive award for Best Comic/Story/Character we would be happy to see live again (Chris Clark)

Best Matt Fraction Tweet (Chris Clark)

Best Pants (Adam P. Knave)

The Lucy Lane Award For Sheer Awfulness (Adam P. Knave)

Best Rap Verse (Dan Black)

Best Final Page (Dan Black)

Best High Concept (Dan Black)

Comic Book (Single Issue) Most Likely to Make Chris Haley Cry (Joshua Lazarus)

Most Unprofessional Behavior by a Comic Industry Member (Creator, Editor, Executive, etc) in a Public Forum (Joshua Lazarus)

Best comic series that only had one issue released. (Ziah Grace)

Worst moment in a Batman comic (Ziah Grace)

Best Example of Beating Up Something (your choice) With Something Else (again your choice) (Ryan Hillis)

Most Anticlimactic or Disappointing Ending (Ryan Hillis)

Best Candidate for an Arrow-Style CW Series (Ryan Hillis)

Most Winkerbeanian Moment That Happened Outside of Funky Winkerbean (Ryan Hillis)

Best Fast Food Joint that Doesn't Cause Moral Panic When Ordering From It (I.E. the Best Fast Food Joint that Is Not Chik-Fil-A) (Michael Rebok)

The Adam P. Knave award for best comics creator who still has a day job (Pat Rennie)

Most Pleasant Surprise (Gregory Black)

Least Pleasant Surprise (Matt Wilson)

Most Valuable Comic Book Writer (Paul Thomas)

Most Valuable Comic Book Artist (Paul Thomas)

The 2012 'You Tried' Award (Paul Thomas)

And of course, we award the second annual co-recipients of The War Rocket Ajax Intercontinental Championship:

Find out all the winners (and losers) in this week's episode!

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