It's time once again for War Rocket Ajax's monthly roundtable episode, and this week, Chris and Matt are joined by their pals Chad Bowers and Josh Krach to give their thoughts on the month in comics! And you can listen to the whole show, right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax v.2, #23: Batman and the Wolverines with Chad Bowers and Josh Krach

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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This week, Chris and Matt are back from a week off, and they have some thing to say about Bethesda Softworks and their various games. Matt's been playing through Skyrim all week, and we have some bad news, guys: He has succumbed to the curse of the Werewolf. Get well soon, Matt!

Meanwhile, Chris has a lot of thoughts about the Dead Money expansion for Fallout: New Vegas. Do you like enemies that can't be killed with the weapons you use for the rest of the game, enemies that can't be killed at all, and experiencing instant death? No. You don't. No one does. Stop putting those in games.

For the roundtable, Chad and Josh join us to discuss what titles they'd add to DC's "New 52" Lineup. First, Josh gives us his pitch:

Josh: Is Ultra the Multi-Alien appearing anywhere? How about one I don't really know anything about but would like to know more about: Kamandi. I don't know where it would fit in the New 52, I mean, it would be this half-naked boy wandering around modern day Metropolis, if you have to set it in the New 52.

Matt: Here's what it should be. It should be like 25 issues of regular Kamandi, out in the ruined wastelands, and then in issue 25, he goes to Metropolis. Like, you find out that this has all been the same world this whole time, and it's just huge.

Chad: There's like this whole section of the New 52 that's just nothing but wasteland.

Chris: Well, the Super-Heroes have only been around for five years, so they weren't around to prevent Invasion and Millennium and Armageddon 2001... All the crossovers still happened, but there were no super-heroes.

Eventually, after a lengthy discussion of the Creeper and Wild Dog, we get to talking about the recent cancellations by Marvel, and whether this signals a lack of risk-taking in the major publishers. Chad shares his thoughts:

I think it's just the idea that most of the stuff that got canceled in this crazy last wave of cancellations are like you said. Most of the DC books are kind of safe bets. It's two or three Superman family titles, a bunch of Batman books, a bunch of Green Lantern books, stuff that they know is going to sell and pretty much carry the line. Then you've got the Marvel books, and the stuff that's getting canceled is not stuff that's got Wolverine in it. It's not stuff that's got the Avengers name on it. It's stuff that may have done well, but probably, historically, would've done okay as mini-series, but been canceled as an ongoing.

That sounds really cynical and kind of negative, but I don't know. I think they're going to have to re-evaluate how they do things. I really wanted to read that Destroyers mini-series.

And finally, we give comics publishers their key to financial success:

Chad: The safest new comic to put out would be Batman and the Batmen.

Chris: I think the safest one would be Batman and the Wolverines.

All that, plus the mystery of J.D. Finn and Josh reflecting on being the only guy on the panel who actually wrote the Justice League (really!) in this week's show!

Show Notes:

For more from Chad Bowers, check out Awesome Hospital and Monster Plus, and follow him on Twitter!

Need some more Josh Krach in your life? He writes Troop Infinity, and he letters Awesome Hospital, Monster Plus and Dracula the Unconquered! He's on Twitter, too, and I heard all the cool dudes are following him.

And while you're at it, why not read Matt Wilson and Daniel Butler's Copernicus Jones?

JLA: Gods and Monsters does not have a Wikipedia entry. What the heck, Internet?

Chris's Rec: Handmade Stuffs, who made him a custom "Macho Man" Randy Savage doll:

Matt's Rec: The Muppets

Comics Reviewed:

Daredevil #6: "This is the issue where Daredevil, the blind ninja master, fights Bruiser, who is essentially a super-powered luchador, with the power that your wrestling moves do not work on him. And that is amazing." "Marcos Martin does this in all his work, but especially in these Daredevil issues. He and Paolo Rivera both have just injected it with this kind of semi-retro pop art feel and look that makes everything Daredevil sees sort of like an art piece from the '60s. It looks so cool and colorful and it just pops off the page."

Fantastic Four #600: "Ming Doyle's story is great, the main story is really good, but the one that knocked my socks off -- and it's not even really a backup, it's just as long if not longer than the main story -- is the second story in the book, which explains what happened to Johnny Storm."

Wolverine and the X-Men #2: "The Hellfire Club kids have a gun that shoot Frankensteins with Flamethrowers. That's really all I want to say."

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