ComicsAlliance's podcast is back for our first show of 2012, and we're kicking things off by handing out some awards for the standouts of the last year. But unlike other awards, The 75th Annual War Rocket Ajax Gordie Awards aren't just celebrating the best and worst -- they're based on categories sent in by our listeners! And you can listen to the whole show right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax v.2, #26: The 75th Annual Gordie Awards

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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For this week's episode, Chris and Matt put out the call to our loyal listeners to suggest categories for us to award, and even after narrowing them down to their favorites, they were still left with a grand total of 34 awards to give out! So without further ado, here are the categories, the great listeners who suggested them, and a little commentary from the Academy (you know, those two dudes on the show) about how they picked the winners:

Best Hobo Name of 2011 (Greg Thelen)

Chris: I grabbed the "King of the Road" issue of Thrasher magazine from the stack I keep at my desk, and opened it up to a random page. My pick for Best Hobo Name of 2011: Boneless Disaster.

Best New Series That Wasn't Daredevil (Ziah Grace)

Best Grant Morrison Comic (Ziah Grace)

Worst Grant Morrison Comic (Ziah Grace)

Matt: Batman Incorporated #8, the computer virtual world "man this seems like it was from 1996" issue.

Chris: Also my pick. In fact, I couldn't remember the issue number and I didn't want to bother looking it up, so I just wrote "that f***ing Internet issue."

Best Dracula Comic of 2011 (Ziah Grace)

Worst Retcon of 2011 (Ziah Grace)

Worst Thing Laura Hudson Did To Chris (Ziah Grace)

Chris: Breaking Dawn.

Matt: You'd say Breaking Dawn before Transformers 3?

Chris: Transformers 3 might be worse.

Matt: Because my brain immediately went to Transformers 3.

Chris: Breaking Dawn is kind of more recent and... I was trying to think of which one was more outright insulting to its audience. The thing I don't understand about Transformers 3 is how can people who like the Transformers like it, because it makes the Transformers a**holes. I don't like stuff where Batman is an a**hole.

Matt: Where you see a**holes, certain viewers see badass.

Chris: But then I thought about how Breaking Dawn wants it to be okay for Taylor Lautner to fall in love with a baby. Let me see which one's longer, because when you descend to that level, it really just comes down to "how long was I in the theater?" Which one took more of my life away from me?

Best Inclusion of Chris Sims in a Comic (Rafael Gaitan)

Lifetime Ban of the Year (Rafael Gaitan)

Best Hater (Rafael Gaitan)

Worst Hater (Rafael Gaitan)

Best Example of Superheroic Arrogance or Jerkish and Rude Behavior (Michael Panush, rhymes with Spanish)

Worst Horribly Reductive Female Character (The Juggalo Harley Quinn Award) (Ahmad from Saudi Arabia)

Best Penis-Related Comics Gaffe (Ahmad)

The infamous, unfortunately framed (and discontinued) Sin Cara t-shirt from WWE:

Best Depiction of Those Who Follow the Dark Carnival (Ahmad)

Matt: I'm going to give that one to Bucko. The Juggalette in Bucko is one of the great character finds of 2011.

Chris: I know everyone was expecting this to go to Harley Quinn, but Harley Quinn is a terrible portrayal of a Juggalo! Accurate, but terrible. The Juggalo Queen from Bucko is a really likeable character.

Most Johnsian Moment In a Geoff Johns Comic (Mike Pankowski)

Favorite Pro Wrestling Moment of the Year (Mike Pankowski)

Best Use of a Character You Hate (Owen Craig)

Worst Use of a Character You Love (Owen Craig)

Best Wrestling Match of the Year (Rob Alva)

Worst New Place Where You Ate Barbecue of 2011 (Rob Alva)

Best New Place Where You Ate Barbecue of 2011 (Rob Alva)

The Bag of Salt Memorial Award for Most Surreal Ajax Moment (Rob Alva)

Best Video Game From 2 Years Ago (Rob Alva)

Best Co-Host Named Matt

Best Reason To Finally Let Ken On The Show (Ken Lowery, who will never be on the show)

Best Use of Superman (Jerk Edition) (Timothy Stevens)

Best Use of Superman (Non-Jerk Edition) (Timothy Stevens)

Best Inadvertent Reveal of Our Political Views During a Podcast (Ben Gully)

Worst Single Line of Dialogue in a Work of Fiction (Ben Gully

Strangest Comic of 2011 (Greg Black)

Best Use of Unorthodox Weaponry (Greg Black)

Worst Writer, Artist or Team on a Normally Good Book (Mikey McFall)

Best Use of a Wrestler or Luchador (Mikey McFall)

And finally, we name the first ever winner of...

The War Rocket Ajax Intercontinental Championship (Rafael Gaitan)

Thanks for joining us for this week's War Rocket Ajax, and be back tomorrow for our first awesome guest of 2012!

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