We Love Fine has launched a new collection of Spider-Verse-inspired apparel, featuring a selection of cardigans, leggings, a Spider-Gwen hoodie, and even a Spider-Woman moto jacket in the style of Kris Anka's redesign for Jessica Drew's Spidey alter-ego.

Created by costume designer Catherine Elhoffer, the We Love Fine x Spider-Verse collaboration combines wearable design with the iconic stylings of Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, and Silk. Although Spider-Men are featured in a couple pieces of apparel, the Spider-Verse collection focuses on the current costume designs worn by Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, and Silk, which is no surprise considering the popularity of these characters and their distinctive looks.

With trompe-l'oeil sweaters and leggings, and beautifully draped Spidey-shrugs, this collection goes above and beyond your standard closet cosplay, and will tingle your Spidey-fashion senses this Fall. Check out some of our favorite pieces below:

  • I Am Spider-Gwen Hoodie

  • Spider-Woman Moto Jacket

  • I Am Silk Sweater

  • I Am Miles Morales Sweater

  • Classic Spider-Man Cardigan

  • Spider-Woman Dolman Shrug

  • Silk Open Front Cardigan

  • Spider-Gwen Knit Sweater

  • I Am Silk Leggings

  • Spider-Gwen Webbing Leggings