When Nathan Cosby Tweets, fans (mostly) listen, especially when said Tweets involve fan-favorite creators like the "Atomic Robo" team of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. Case in point, the editor's Monday admission to moving a project by the two forward:

"Just gave go-ahead to @Scott_Wegna t'start drawing Iron Man script by @bclevinger. Yeah, I like Atomic Robo. What about it?"

Wegener seemingly followed up on the Tweet yesterday with a statement of his own, which pointed fans in the direction of a new Iron Man illustration.

Blog@'s David Pepose has pointed out the likelihood of a special or some kind of limited series given Wegener has listed Eric Canete's work on "Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin" as an influence. There's also the matter of Clevinger's current project, Marvel's upcoming "Avengers & the Infinity Gauntlet," which would support the possibility of him penning an all-ages Iron Man story (in pretty much classic armor).

Fans are still waiting for an official announcement on the "Atomic Robo" team's Iron Man story/one-shot/miniseries/ongoing, but at least the word is more or less out on their armored collaboration at the House of Ideas.
[Via Blog@]

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