If there's one character Marvel Comics has worked to push beyond his unfortunate blaxploitation origins in the '70s, it's former Power Man Luke Cage. Though his comics career began in relative earnest, creators typically depicted Cage talking his share of stereotypical jive and fighting minor villains, resulting in decades of climbing from D-lister to eventual A-lister under writers like Brian Michael Bendis. Now an Avenger, Thunderbolt and all around household name, it's no wonder why the protagonist of Michael K. Williams' White Luke Cage short felt so compelled to play his favorite hero. Unfortunately for the fledgling actor, his choice of attire, approach to the character and overall misunderstanding of the true meaning of "Sweet Christmas" make him a hilariously bad fit for the role. See what happens when a lanky fan tries to emulate his favorite Hero For Hire after the jump.

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