Thunderbolts #117Press Release

The government sponsored superhero team known as the Thunderbolts confront the problem that is Penance's fractured psyche in Thunderbolts #117, by dream team Warren Ellis & Mike Deodato! Robbie Baldwin's transformation into the tortured-and immensely powerful-hero known as Penance has taken its toll, causing Baldwin to lash out at Norman Osborn and almost destroy the Thunderbolts' base. Now there's only one man who can put him back together! Enter Doc Samson, the man whose past super human counseling clients include The Hulk and X-Factor, and who may just face his greatest challenge yet with Penance! However, if he does succeed, what does that mean for Osborn's plans to manipulate Penance? And just why are the Thunderbolts having such an easy time bringing in unregistered super humans? The answers become clearer in the second chapter of "Caged Angels," the newest arc in the series that critics and fans can't stop praising!

Itai Rosenbaum of SilverBulletComics.Com gushed, "Thunderbolts is the best book Marvel currently publishes... Warren Ellis does an excellent job channeling the psychopaths inhabiting the pages of this book."

IGN.Com's Jesse Schedeen awarded the series his highest possible rating of "Must Have" and said, "I really hope Mike Deodato, Jr. stays on this book as long as possible."

And don't miss Thunderbolts By Warren Ellis Vol. 1: Faith In Monsters Premiere HC, collecting Ellis & Deodato's first gripping arc on Thunderbolts. But now that Penance has been contained, can he be rehabilitated...or will he bring the Thunderbolts down? It's all revealed in Thunderbolts #117!

Penciled by MIKE DEODATO
Rated T+ ...$2.99
FOC-9/27/07, On-Sale-10/17/07

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