Rob Williams and Mike Dowling's social media thriller Unfollow has managed to weave contemporary culture commentary into a tense survival game akin to Battle Royale or The Hunter Games Vertigo has provided us with an exclusive preview of next month's installment of Unfollow as The 140's numbers begin to drop like flies.

If you're not following Unfollow already, the basic premise centers around a game created by an eccentric billionaire who plans to leave his vast fortune to one-hundred and forty randomly selected individuals, or however many of them are left at the time of his passing.

The series focuses on how deep social media has become ingrained in our everyday lives, but rather than the cynical "kids-these-days" take it could easily have become Unfollow examines how social media gives us the opportunity to connect and interact with strangers all around the world, and what a weird and marvelous thing that is.

As the tension heats up in next months issues, The 140 are down to 137, and the surviving members of the newest, most elite group on Earth are all handling the new-found responsibility and power in different ways. Check out the full preview below:







Here's the solicitation details for Unfollow #8:

The 140’s numbers are starting to drop—it’s so easy to fall in front of a bus these days—and so Larry Ferrell’s chosen ones spread across the globe. Some are looking for peace, some for extreme firepower. But who placed the full-page advertisement in many of the world’s top newspapers? And who is the 140’s new Headspace follower?
On sale JUNE 1 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • MATURE READERS