It seems like every few months some enterprising inventor devises a new and interesting way of potentially burning down their neighborhood deftly manipulating fire. Until today, however, we hadn't seen a working unit so aesthetically comparable to the hardware sported by Marvel's evil mutant Pyro. J&M Special Effects built this working prototype awhile back, but it's still super impressive considering they can't psionically control flame and relied on purely mechanical ingenuity to pull it off. Check it out in action after the jump.J&M hasn't updated its YouTube page with a video of its planned improved flame glove system, which would "be more streamlined with hoses, cables, and gloves reduced in size and integrated into performers costume," but it's nice to know that the technology exists if there's ever an X-Men: The Fourth of Fifth Last Stand that demands a more comics-accurate Pyro costume. Cosplayers should probably just stick to foam backpacks at cons, though. Safety and all that.

Check out the flamethrowing goodness below:

[Via Asylum]

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