Musicals: Watch out now, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark reopens to previews on May 12. Never has the term "reimagined" been so welcomed by so many. [Topless Robot]

Digital: Yen Press is bringing Yotsuba&! to its iPad app... for almost the same price as its print editions. [Japanator]

Sci-Fi: The BBC has confirmed that the late Elisabeth Sladen's final six episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures will air on CBBC at an unspecified date down the road. With any luck, they'll follow in other regions not long after. [Blastr]

Tech: Blablablab hacked a Kinect to 3-D printer on the streets of Barcelona to create miniature figures of passersby. 3-D printing will one day make toys of us all!. [BoingBoing]

Art: Alien Loves Predator creator Bernie Hou delivers a massive NYC movie map chock full'a comics-friendly goodness. [TopatoCo]

Webseries: The Variants returned this week with the start of its second season. Find out what the crew has been up to since their old comic shop got closed. [Robot6]

Toys: Dark Horse is bringing Marvel characters into its Syroco fold, starting with Spider-Man. [DH]

Cosplay: The Game Station imagines a world where Final Fantasy's Black Mage (among others) is actually a pretty lady in disguise. Orko continues to weep at his inferiority. [Neatorama]

Ugh: Fourth grade bullies taunt a classmate with a profane comic depicting his death in Houston, prompting the school to send in a psychologist. [MyFoxHouston]

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