That's the gist of Saturday's Chicago Sun-Times piece about the pros and cons of lensing superpowered summer blockbusters in the Windy City, specifically The Dark Knight and Wanted filming in the Loop.

Leslie Baldacci took the "Dark Knight movie is cool" approach, and why not considering bean-counters estimate the region took in an estimated $50 million alone on Batman, employing as many as 6,000 extras and 350 professionals. And, it's very cool when you can blow up buildings like the abandoned Brachs Candy building, subbing for Gotham General Hospital, on the cheap too...

On the other hand, Deborah Douglas took the con approach, just as valid if you consider the state's giving filmmakers tax breaks of up to 20 percent is really worth the inconvenience to Chicagoans. Or, for that matter, civic pride: "But let's remember that selling our souls to prove we matter to the rest of the world could detract from what keeps us real."

So, would you like a superhero movie filming in your backyard or around the corner from your home? Before you answer, "HELL YES," watch this cool YouTube video plucked from the HollywoodChicago Web site about the Brachs building blowup. Would you want to be living near that neighborhood?