We already know that the original X-Men are going to be playing a major part in Marvel NOW! when Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen bring Charles Xavier's first five students to the present day in All-New X-Men, but Si Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat will be exploring another of the many ways in which Xavier had impacted mutantkind in the relaunched X-Men Legacy.British writer Spurrier -- who described his first ongoing Marvel series as "stir[ring] up this freaky cocktail of excitement, pride and sphincter-perforating terror" -- told MTV Geek that the new series is "the black sheep of the X-family." Promising the appearance "a lot of surprising but familiar faces and concepts along the way," he and artist Huat find themselves using the relaunched title to delve into the mind(s) of Charles Xavier's son -- and occasional New Mutant -- David Heller. "I hesitate to say too much about him because part of the journey we'll be taking is about meeting this amazing guy properly for the first time," Spurrier explained, adding,

There are a few obvious notes you'd expect to see: he's haunted by the trouble he's inadvertently caused in the past, he's shaped to a certain extent by his relationship with his father, and he's constantly anxious about his own mind. He's got a fascinating setup: he's one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe but he can't trust his own brain. That's a fantastic, and often spooky, tension.

"Above all, he's a good guy," Spurrier said. "He wants to help -- to matter -- to make the world a better place. It's just that he's completely conflicted, not to mention constantly facing violent opposition, whenever he tried to figure out how to go about it."

Part of the series will be about how Heller deals with the way in which his father, the founder of the X-Men, is treated as a saint by the majority of the Marvel Universe, Spurrier explained, while there's also "a redemptive arc in there" for Heller himself, dealing directly with the chaotic effect the character has had in previous appearances (Including causing that whole "Age of Apocalypse" thing back in the mid-90s). But if that's not enough, Spurrier knows what you want, offering up this sneak peak of things to come in the series:

Psychic insanity! Telepathic parasites! Golden Age characters! Multi-dimensional prison! Kirby krackles! Romance! Murder most foul! Parental Trauma! Classic villains! New villains! Sex! Drugs! Memetically altered rock music! Wraparound weirdness! Aliens! A bloody enormous crow! EVERYTHING EXPLODES!

X-Men Legacy is released this fall.

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