Using thick black lines and unexpected color combinations, South Korean artist Yong Oh Kim transforms already spectacular street scenes, landscapes and urban fashionistas into scenes from an extraterrestrial travelogue. Distant destinations become even more alien, although the blue and pink-skinned trendsetters look pretty friendly. Kim's more apocalyptic visions employ the same style, giving rotting buildings and flesh-hungry zombies an even more unnatural feel.Kim's travels have taken him throughout India, Thailand and the Himalayas, and these illustrations let us see those places through his visually unique lens. Everywhere from the idyllic Phi Phi Islands to India's ancient city of Varanasi to the narrow roads through Himalayan Mountains are refashioned with otherworldly shapes and colors. His fashion plates are perfect inhabitants of this world (or at least its more urban regions), with their turquoise complexions and artfully mish-mashed clothing styles.

Kim's solo exhibition, Seoul of the Dead, collected similarly colorful zombie illustrations, which are available as a printed zine from the SSE Project. Kim also contributed to the SSE Project book The End of the World, adding his visions of a post-human planet. You can see more of Kim's work at Behance, as well as on his Facebook page.

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