Seriously, when was the last time you assembled a group of your friends to get down to your favorite anime and video game tracks? If your answer isn't "recently" and you didn't upload the madness to YouTube, then one trio of Canadian dudes is putting you to shame with their love of the "Sailor Moon" theme song. Posted at FoolyCooly1's YouTube channel the trio's vids showcase some raw otaku passion. There's no fanfic, cosplay or model kit building involved, just unabashed dancing (and quite a bit of chair humping).

It's probably a little more intense than the casual fan's response to "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's" "Song of Storms" or the English dubs of songs like "Moonlight Densetsu," or the "Digimon" rap, but this group gets down with the kind of nerd pride typically only whispered about in hushed tones at Dragon*Con afterparties (or so I've heard/completely made up). Witness a group of young men's unleashed fandom after the jump, just watch out for a little salty language.