CBR talked to Zachary Quinto about how the "Heroes" star will soon be stepping into the role of "comic book producer" for two titles at Archaia Comics. If you're not really sure what "comic book producer" means, don't feel bad. Quinto doesn't seem particularly clear on it either:

"This whole process was born out of my production company... My involvement has been as a producer through my production company and sort of overseeing the creative process, but really trusting in and celebrating the work of these incredibly talented and intelligent guys... The creative exploration and the imagination and the manifestation of that has always been what's driven me as a storyteller, whether it's as an actor or a reader or an audience member or a writer."

That's all he says about his role in the process, and I still have no idea what it means. It would seem that Quinto's primary job is using his celebrity to bring new comic book projects into the limelight and print, but hey, there's no reason that's inherently a bad thing, particularly if the comics turn out to be good. I also have to give him points for 1) not making the artists draw characters that look like him, and 2) being very up front about the fact that he didn't grow up with a strong background in comics, unlike certain other celebrities.

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