Nothing against Akira Himekawa's The Legend of Zelda manga, but Zac Gorman's gif-alicious Link comics are about the best illustrated stories to come out of Nintendo games since Nester regularly appeared in Nintendo Power. Gorman's most recent installment, "Stay Down," features our bruised and battered little hero fighting a moblin in the rain. And it's amazing how much tension a tiny, flashing, half-full heart container can add to a few panels.Gorman has featured Link comics before on his Internet home at He's into plenty of other geek-friendly source material as well, though, such the Starjammers (who were unfortunately left out of X-Men: First Class this year), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Harry Potter arch nemesis Lord Voldemort.

Gorman's got a punchy Kate Beaton meets Nedroid kind of vibe to his artwork, and boy, if he ever decides to do some Star Fox comics, we'll have our eyes out for those as well.

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