On sale now -- 4/20 -- is Marijuanaman, a 40-page hardcover graphic novella devised by reggae star Ziggy Marley. Written by Joe Casey and illustrated beautifully by Jim Mahfood, the story is about a noble alien whose species has THC instead of DNA and his biological reaction to Earth's cannabis plants causes him to transform into the superhero Marijuanaman and fight against an evil pharmaceutical corporation and its hired thug, Cash Money, and make the world aware of what "it's all about" -- which is to say, hemp.

Image Comics promotional materials claim "this is not the comic you think it is," but we're afraid it kind of is.

"Marijuanaman represents the hope of the future... the hope that we will utilize all of the power that the universe has given us to save our planet," Marley explained in a press release in support of the graphic novella.

If Marley's remarks invoke happy memories of your old roommate smoking pot and never shutting up about how The Man is conspiring to poison the Earth and squash the world's hemp farmers into oblivion, then you are going to love Marijuanaman, which is essentially a deeply symbolic parable based on just that kind of stoner blathering. But don't take our word for it. Marley himself made his intentions known in a filmed interview for MTV Geek:

Marley noted in the clip that other marijuana-based comics tend to be comedies full of potheads and naked girls. The truth is that Marijuanaman is a comic book written by Joe Casey with artwork by Jim Mahfood, so of course it features both laughs and female nudity. Also, you'd better believe there is some pot-smoking in this thing. But all snark aside, it's very obvious that Casey and Mahfood, two of indie comics' most innovative creators, really enjoyed their work on Marijuanaman (Mahfood's art is especially alive here). But like most conversations with stoners, the sober person -- in this case, the Marijuanaman reader -- just isn't feeling it.

But you don't have to take the word of a bunch of comic book squares. Check out the following video trailer and five-page preview of Marijuanaman. You just might dig it.

Marijunaman is on sale now in finer comics stores and can be purchased online from Things From Another World.


created by ZIGGY MARLEY


art & cover JIM MAHFOOD




A new hero for our times - from the fertile imagination of music superstar, ZIGGY MARLEY! A noble champion has arrived on Earth, and he brings an important message even as he struggles to save his own planet. JOE CASEY (GØDLAND, BUTCHER BAKER) and JIM MAHFOOD (KICK DRUM COMIX, MIX TAPE) join forces to bring you this all-new jam, telling a tale of high adventure! We guarantee: This is not the comic you think it is!

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