Having put their diecast spin on "The World's Finest" from DC Comics, Hong Kong toymaker 86 Hero has turned its attention to Marvel's armored Avenger. This June a 5.5" tall Iron Man donned in his Mark 42 armor from Iron Man 3 is set to arrive. It won't pack repulsors, but it will light up your life with LEDs.

The tenth figure in 86's Hero's growing "Hybrid Metal Figuration" action figure line (which includes Disney characters like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse), the new Iron Man Mark 42 figure has 20 points of articulation, four optional hand parts and a special display base. But most importantly, it mimics Tony Stark's Arc Reactor tech with a light-up chest, eyes and palms. The base lights up too, although it won't ever love Tony the way his robot arm armory sidekick did. Unless, of course... it returns as Ultron or Vision in Avengers 2. Now there's a thought! Maybe Tony should've been nicer to that thing?

Preorder sites are currently listing the figure for around $150 in North America, but our international readers may be able to track it down for less if they're in or around Hong Kong's Herocross store.

You can scope out 86 Hero's upcoming Iron Man Mark 42 figure below.