Even though "Back in Black" played shortly before the attack that would lead to Tony Stark's Iron Man transformation, for whatever reason rockers AC/DC got the shaft on the first IM movie soundtrack. Fans need not worry, however, a new release in conjunction with "Iron Man 2" sees the band redeemed fifteenfold.

Marvel and partners Columbia Records have announced that AC/DC will release "AC/DC: Iron Man2," a compilation/soundtrack stocked with 15 songs culled from 10 of the band's albums.

Marvel.com has the full skinny on the album's 15-song track listing. All you really need to know is that #14 is "War Machine." The disc drops in both CD, digital and vinyl forms on April 19, while a new music video for the jam "Shoot To Thrill" begins streaming this afternoon. Perhaps fans will catch some new movie footage?

Personally, I'd just like to see Angus Young in some schoolboy armor.