Though it's been nearly four years since Iron Man 2 showed us what actor Mickey Rourke can do with a little bit of wiring and a lot of anger as Whiplash, Hot Toys will revisit the character once again for a a1/6 scale figure of the villain in his Mark II armor.

This is Hot Toys' second 1/6 scale figure version of Vanko, with the first focusing on his inmate attire. Just like in the movie, this Mark II Whiplash sports a serious upgrade, and is made of mostly metal parts. The diecast toy will come with an unmasked, Rourke-y head and an interchangeable helmeted head with LED light-up eyes. It'll also sport a magnetic mask, swappable chunks of battle damaged chest armor, a pair of light-up whips, and a diorama figure base. The toy won't need the diorama to accomplish all of its poses, however, as its feet have built-in movable foot anchors.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the Whiplash Mark II figure available for preorder for $399.99 with an estimated release date of April 2015.

You can get a closer look at Hot Toys' 1/6th scale Whiplash Mark II collectible figure below.



[Via Hot Toys]