The esteemed nerdcore rapper with whom we've been honored to collaborate on several occasions, Adam WarRock is back with a new release. Called City Dangerously, the eight-track EP includes a brand new Rob Viktum remix of WarRock's debut single "The Silver Age," a touching, affectionate and "dope" remembrance of a childhood collecting comic books featuring Tribe One. The remix comes with some all new verses, featuring lines like:

Call this the Final Crisis, 'cuz every mic device is

What I'm talking ta'. Call me the mayor of Ex Machina

Lockheed to Old Lace, Rakim to Ghostface

I'm just an Animal bangin' up on your drumcase

You can listen to the whole "The Silver Age (Viktimized Remix)" below.

<a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">The Silver Age Viktimized Remix (f/ Tribe One) by Adam WarRock</a>

City Beautiful is on sale now for $6.00 at Bandcamp.

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