Truth In Journalism
Truth In Journalism

I didn't hate Spider-Man 3 as much as a lot of people -- maybe because I've been told by at least one drunk dude that I kind of remind them of "That '70sssshow *hic, guyyy" -- but like most comic fans, I definitely don't feel like Venom has gotten his full due in live action. Leave it to Punisher fan film "Dirty Laundry" phenom Adi Shankar, along with Joe Lynch to perhaps unsurprisingly blow all of our minds with their new “Truth in Journalism” short, which follows True Blood's Ryan Kwanten as hardboiled New York City journalist Eddie Brock in a mock French documentary. It's 17:08 of everything you want but will probably never see in any of The Amazing Spider-Man films, plus a brilliant surprise that just might kill you dead.

In an interview with Collider Shankar explained that "Truth in Journalism" was "...based on an idea I had 5 years ago for a Duke Nukem movie and/or an even less commercial Judge Dredd movie. You take Man Bites Dog and mash it up with a well-known anti-hero.  It’s a concept where you take a character that’s inherently over the top and you drop him in an overly realistic grounded reality and have everyone around him scratching their heads as to why this individual is behaving like a cartoon character."

Shankar also praised Sam Balcomb and Rainfall films for their VFX work in the short, which brings a certain symbiote to the screen in way unlike any version fans have seen before.

You can watch the full short below.



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