Following domestic hardcover releases of Alejandro Jodorowsky and the late Moebius' acclaimed 1981 series The Incal and its prelude, Before The Incal illustrated by Zoran Janjetov, Humanoids will complete the trilogy/tetralogy/quadrilogy (we'll explain, we promise) for fans in the US. Coming later in 2014 are the first-ever US releases of The Incal sequels After the Incal and Final Incal.

Essentially two alternate-yet-canonical works, After the Incal and Final Incal are both sequels written by Jodorowsky for different artists.

Jean Giraud a.k.a. Moebius was meant to continue his work on The Incal series and illustrate its conclusion in After The Incal but stopped work on it before it was completed. Ladrönn was recruited to finish the story, but rather than add a chapter to Moebius' work, Jodorowsky re-wrote his tale to provide a separate narrative for Ladrönn to illustrate. This new, completed story is known as Final Incal. Humanoids will group all three volumes of Final Incal, plus the first volume of After The Incal in one tome, which should hep readers avoid confusion. The title of this collection will simply be Final Incal.

Humanoids will release Final Incal as a 9.5 x 12.5" deluxe slipcase hardcover, and also in Humanoids’ limited and numbered edition 12 x 16" Coffee Table format that includes book plate signed by Jodorowsky and Ladrönn. Pricing information for these volumes has yet to be released, but the regular Humanoids hardcovers tend to retail for around $30 or more.



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