While fans got a glimpse of Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum's Minimates plans for the recently wrapped Age of Ultron storyline in the form of Wolverine and a golden Ultron Drone at SDCC 2013, Marvel's revealed four more characters from the event that will soon join the line in one fell swoop. Coming to comic and specialty stores in early 2014 will be a proper Age of Ultron box set packing 2" tall versions of Nicky Fury, Iron Man, new Marvel U resident Angela and a hulking six-armed Ultron.

Marvel Minimates collectors will note that not only does this box set include the line's first Angela figure... but also the first six-armed figure since 2010's Wave 27, which included a six-armed Spider-Man. Finally Spidey will have somebody to slow dance with!

Fans who want to pick up the AoU Wolvie and Goldtron (that's just what I'm going to call it) will be able to find those two figures boxed together around the same time as the box set at Toys "R" Us.

You can see all of the upcoming Age of Ultron box set Minimates below.



[Via Marvel]