Peggy won’t make her trip to Hollywood until sometime in early 2016, but with the cast and crew assembling for New York Comic-Con, the SSR has leaked plenty of new details on Agent Carter’s next mission. Not only do we know our Madam Masque, but also a host of new faces, and which friends and foes will return for Season 2.

Marvel released official details before the panel presentation at New York Comic-Con 2015, namely that The Newsroom alum Wynn Everett would play the role of Whitney Frost, otherwise known as Marvel’s Madame Masque. Most commonly featured as a modern villain of Iron Man, Agent Carter will feature the character as a Hollywood actress and brilliant inventor.

Said showrunners of the new big bad:

Whitney Frost is a character with a storied history in the Marvel comics, and we’re excited to get the opportunity to introduce her to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Inspired by Hollywood icons like Hedy Lamarr and Lauren Bacall, we knew we needed an actor who was classically glamorous and fiercely intelligent. Wynn is both, and we’re thrilled to watch her bring this formidable character to life.

Additionally, Currie Graham will take the role of Frost’s high-powered businessman husband, Calvin Chadwick, while Outlander star Lotte Verbeek will play Ana Jarvis, the oft-mentioned, never seen and “free-spirited” wife of Edwin, who “immediately befriends Peggy and helps her adjust to life in Los Angeles.” Finally, Devious Maids star Reggie Austin will play Jason Wilkes, a quirky, yet charismatic scientist, and likely Peggy’s new love interest.

But wait, there’s more! Both Dominic Cooper and Bridget Regan have been confirmed to reprise their roles as Howard Stark and “Dottie Underwood,” the latter a product of the precursor program that eventually spawns Black Widow. James D’Arcy and Enver Gjokaj have also been confirmed to return as Jarvis and Daniel Sousa, along with Chad Michael Murray’s Jack Thompson.

No word yet on an exact premiere for Agent Carter Season 2, but what can we make of the newest additions to Peggy’s Los Angeles life?

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