Marvel formally unveiled its post-Secret Wars 'All New, All Different' line up on Wednesday, featuring a Marvel Universe reconfigured by the experiences of Battleworld, and an eight month time jump that allows the publisher to set up a new status quo for many of its characters. Marvel has never had a better opportunity to shake up its line, so readers had high expectations for a bold, diverse, inventive new direction. With that in mind, we're going to share the new titles with you, alongside some observations on how the new Marvel Universe is shaping up.

We've covered X-Men tites, Avengers team titlesAvengers solo titles, and the Spider-books. Next up is the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe, where we find all the Guardians of the Galaxy books (all three of them; four if you still count Angela), and all the Inhumans books (both of them, not counting Kamala). Is the universe expanding or contracting?

  • Guardians Of The Galaxy

    Brian Michael Bendis (W), Valerio Schiti (A)

    That's probably Kitty Pryde as Star-Lord, because lord knows Brian Michael Bendis loves Kitty Pryde (rightly so). And then... a whole bunch of powerhouse dudes and the raccoon. Where's Gamora? Where's Angela? Captain Marvel? Moondragon? Phyla-Vell? Mantis? Why is this book so testosteroney now?

  • Star-Lord

    Sam Humphries (W), Javier Garron (A), Dave Johnson (CA)

    Hey, here's that other Star-Lord, still a dude, in a retro space suit. Time travel story? Are we still doing those? Wasn't Marvel leading up to some big time travel story at some point? Note that the 'Legendary' has been dropped from the title. Too cute?

  • Drax

    CM Punk, Cullen Bunn (W), Ed McGuinness (A)

    Bunn joins as co-writer, but this is otherwise as previously announced. No sign of Nicole Perlman's Gamora book, which was announced long before the Drax book. Groot and Rocket Raccoon also haven't been re-upped yet.

  • Nova

    Sean Ryan (W), Cory Smith (A), Humberto Ramos (CA)

    I haven't been following this book, but I assume that's Sam Alexander's dad, and not Richard Rider returned from the dead? This is a new and relatively untested creative team; Ryan is a former editor who has worked at both Marvel and DC. Marvel's commitment to Sam Alexander as a character is really this book's biggest strength right now; hopefully it can make an impact.

  • Angela, Asgard's Assassin

    Marguerite Bennett (W), Kim Jacinto, Stephanie Hans (A), Julian Totino Tedesco (CA)

    Angela appears to have a new gig as ruler of Hel. Also, Kieron Gillen and Phil Jimenez have departed the title. But this isn't now an all-female creative team; Kim Jacinto is male, as is cover artist Tedesco. Books made entirely by women are still rare as hen's teeth at the Big Two. Books made entirely by men? Still pretty common.

  • Uncanny Inhumans

    Charles Soule (W), Steve McNiven (A)

    As previously announced, and as long expected, and as essentially trailed by Free Comic Book Day. Beast joins the Human Torch on the team, as Marvel continues to try to seed the Inhumans as an important part of the universe. My sense is that it's not quite sticking, or this line launch would have had more than two Inhumans-related titles. (Ms Marvel really doesn't count; her story would be just fine without that connection.) Are the Inhumans Marvel's "fetch"?

  • Karnak

    Warren Ellis (W), Gerardo Zaffino (A), David Aja (CA)

    I'd be surprised if Ellis does more than six issues, but Ellis always does superheroes well, and for him to put the spotlight on an obscurity like Karnak suggests he has a really strong idea to work on. Karnak's ability to see flaws in all things is already the sort of high concept that Ellis enjoys, so I'm very interested to see where this goes, and what it looks like.

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