If you pre-ordered Marvel Studios' 10-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Blu-ray set from Amazon, we have some bad news for you: It may be a little late, and the company has stopped taking any more pre-orders. If you pre-ordered it because you couldn't live without the replica briefcase that was advertised as part of the package, there's even worse news: That might not be available at all.Amazon hasn't given a reason for its sudden closure of pre-orders, but it's likely linked to a lawsuit against Marvel Entertainment and Disney's Buena Vista Home Entertainment filed at the start of this month by Rimowa, the manufacturer of the briefcase used by Nick Fury in the Avengers movie - and the briefcase design that Marvel and Disney would be copying with their replica for the box set.

Rimowa's lawsuit alleges that Marvel and Disney would be infringing on their trademarked design with the accessory, as well as indulging in trademark dilution and unfair competition, going on to say that Marvel's use of the evenly-space parallel barred design was unlicensed and therefore illegal.

Neither Marvel or Disney have publicly responded to the lawsuit as yet, and it's unknown whether or not the legal action will cause the delay in the projected September 25 release of the Phase One set. One thing's almost definite, however; with the threat of legal action potentially causing trouble for such an important release, that replica briefcase is likely a goner, one way or another.

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