Following last week's Chitauri-riffic 1/6 scale collectible figure announcements from Hot Toys, fans of The Avengers film will be pleased to see that the toymaker is finally getting to the Hulk's better half, Dr. Bruce Banner. What's more, Hot Toys is releasing a special edition combo pack that pairs Banner and the Hulk... in some markets.

Capturing the charming "always angry" likeness of actor Mark Ruffalo, the Bruce Banner figure should fit in nicely with all of the other Hot Toys Avengers figures, even if we know most fans will just want to have him hang out with one of the many Tony Stark options. The solo Banner figure will come packed with eight swappable hands, a removable wristwatch, wearable glasses and one of those weird Chitauri bladed weapons for studying. Sorry, but you'll have to furnish your own Dyson-looking thing Banner used on the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier to truly recreate his scientist-ness.

The Banner/Hulk two-pack comes with all of that previously-mentioned jazz and four optional hands for the Jade Giant, plus a Chitarui corpse diorama base and "structural steel" for the Hulk to grab ahold of and swing at fools. The included Hulk figure is more or less a slight redecco of the previously-released version, and comes with the same spooky rollable eyes that collectors can rotate on the fly for all their display desires.

You can take a look at all of the upcoming Banner/Hulk 1/6 scale goodness from Hot Toys below.


The Avengers: 1/6th scale Bruce Banner Collectible Figure

Bruce Banner & Hulk Collectible Figures Set (Regional Premium Edition)