Following a few of prototype teases, Good Smile Company has finally posted official product images of its Figma take on Captain America. Slated to join 6" tall, super-articulated takes on Iron Man Mark VII and Thor in September, this version of Cap comes packed with what appear to be two sets of interchangable hands, his trademark indestructible shield and an articulated stand. Also? Articulated eyeballs.

All these bells and whistles have a steep price, however. While it's slightly less expensive than the Iron Man and Thor figures, Cap has a preorder price in Japan of ¥6,111 (about $59.74 USD), with most North American toy sites offering the import for closer to $80.00. With Hasbro's Marvel Legends versions of these characters fetching just $15-20 at retail, fans in the west might want to cross their fingers for the kind of local distribution that Figma Link and Figma Samus have received in recent years -- especially if the line gets a proper Hulk figure and Avengers like Hawkeye and Black Widow.

You can scope out Figma Captain America below to see what you think.




[Via Goodsmile]