Whether or not any of Andrew Kolb's wood cutouts actually exist as physical objects, they are the coolest thing in wood art that we've seen since Chris Yates tackled Planet of the Apes. Kolb was already on our watch list, though, thanks to his hip, vintage-ish illustrations. This time, he's caught our eye with his flat-faced Portal 2 and Jay and Silent Bob concepts.
Kolb posts new pairs as they are completed via his Tumblr blog on Kolbisneat.com. Jason Mewes has never looked so precious. You're also bound to see Laurel and Hardy relationships where you never did before, whether it's with Legolas and Gimli or Wario and Waluigi.

Kolb should really get to work on carving -- digitally or otherwise -- a few of these out and set up shop at a Renegade Craft Fair or something. The painting looks like it would be rather simple after he makes his pattern and slices up some blocks.

[Via Geek-Art]

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