Illustrator Angie Wang, who happened to be one of the contributors to that Katamari art auction from the other day, doesn't stay within the realm of comics-inspired art in her work, but she does do Sailor Moon like you've probably never seen before. Her style lends itself to flowing compositions and ornate fashion concepts, but as her portfolio shows, she can apply those skills handily to Death and Delirium if someone approaches her for a commission in their "Sandman" sketchbook.

Lewis Carroll's Alice and Lady Gaga also show up the catalog of past work on Wang's blog. Comics readers and non-comics readers alike should be able to appreciate her clean lines and attention to texture. She occasionally veers into darker patterns that would be at home in a Charles Burns story, but she also maintains a consistent elegance in her drawings.

Have a look below and you'll see a few examples that stood out for us.

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