We’ve got two new Ant-Man bits to share today. First is the above clip, which features Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang using his super-shrinking power for the first time — in a bathtub, of all places. The second piece of news pertains to the possibility of a sequel, which director Peyton Reed says he’s open to directing.

With Ant-Man’s release date just around the corner (and early reactions trickling out from press screenings), talk is already turning to the potential for a sequel. Although Marvel has their MCU release plan mapped out through 2019, an Ant-Man sequel is possible in 2020 or beyond — if the first film is received well, of course.

Speaking with Variety at the Ant-Man premiere in Los Angeles last night, Reed seemed enthusiastic about the idea of returning for a sequel:

If we’re fortunate enough to do another Ant-Man movie, I would love to do it.

We’ll be seeing Rudd as Ant-Man again next year in Captain America: Civil War, though it’s unclear if any of his other co-stars will make further appearances in the MCU. Evangeline Lilly, who plays Hope Van Dyne in the film, says she — like everyone else in the MCU — signed on for three films, and said that she hopes Marvel will use her in another film.

Ant-Man also stars Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, Judy Greer and Michael Pena, and hits theaters on July 17.

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