In what's just the latest example of the comics community's ceaseless generosity when it comes to people in need, former Marvel art director and current Disney designer Rich Ginter and Marvel's Sales & Communications Coordinator James Viscardi have organized an art auction to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. Officially called Art For Sandy Relief, the project has already collected and begun auctioning material from Paolo Rivera, John Paul Leon and Tony Moore, among others, with proceeds going to the Steve Siller Tunnels to Towers Hurricane Relief Fund, a local charity.Though he now works at at Disney in Los Angeles, Ginter spent his life in New York; Staten Island specifically. Seeing the devastation that Sandy caused back home, the designer was compelled to act and quickly devised Art For Sandy Relief. Ginter's old colleague Viscardi was keen to help, and together they've been collecting artwork and spreading the word around the comics internet.

Art For Sandy Relief only began in earnest last Friday, but they've already started offering some impressive artworks donated by collectors as well as the artists themselves:

Art by Tommy Lee Edwards, from the collection of Pat Loika (ebay link)

Art by Tony Moore and Mike Hawthorne, from the collection of Zack Rosenberg (ebay link)

Art by John Paul Leon, from the collection of Pat Loika (ebay link)

Art by Ejay Russell (ebay link)

Art by Paolo Rivera, donated by the artist (ebay link)

Monies raised will be donated directly to the Stephen Siller Tower and Tunnels Foundation. Art For Sandy Relief has also set up a PayPal donation account if you wish to support the endeavor that way.

You can keep up with what additional material Art For Sandy Relief will be auctioning by following the project on Twitter or Facebook.

Artists or collectors interested in donating pieces can contact Ginter and Viscardi at artforsandyrelief-at-gmail-dot-com.

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