Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield. Don’t forget Nicholas Hammond. And now, apparently, Asa Butterfield.

According to Latino Review, after a long search, Butterfield has secured the role of Peter Parker for Sony’s newer, hipper, younger, version of Spider-Man. Word on the Interwebs (heh) claims this new Spider-Man will make his onscreen debut in next March’s Captain America: Civil War before spinning off into his own solo movie franchise that will be released by Sony but made in conjunction with Marvel, and would be considered part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe. That film (or, let’s be honest, franchise) would be separate from the animated Spider-Man movie that is also currently in development at Sony, under the direction of Lego Movie filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Butterfield was among the numerous candidates on the reported shortlist for the part of Peter Parker, alongside actors like Nat Wolff, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet, and Liam James. At the very least, he’d certainly fit the supposed mandate for a still-in-high-school Spidey to contrast Marvel’s older, more mature heroes. (Butterfield is currently 18, and looks about 12.)

To be honest, Butterfield’s never blown me away as the star of films like Ender’s Game or Hugo, but given the incredible competition fighting over the prized role of Spider-Man, he must have done something to impress executives at Sony and Marvel. Hopefully he’s got a whole funnier, snarkier side that’s he never shown onscreen before. He’ll need it; forget about power and responsibility, with any Spider-Man must come great wisecracks.