More leaked in-game footage from THQ's canned Avengers title has hit the web, and it's chock full of Skrull-killing action. It's much more complete than previously seen footage and stills and actually seems to demonstrate the supposed would-have-been game's playability. Interestingly, it reveals a mix of first and third person gameplay perspectives plus number of famous comic book locations that might be part of Joss Whedon's 2012 film, that is, if this game was intended to be a proper tie-in. Its heavily comics-influenced style and other factors seem to suggest otherwise (especially given the inclusion of certain Skrull forms in this new footage), but stranger games have happened.

The video's "Work In Progress -- Art Not Final" disclaimer at the bottom of the screen is a clear indication that the game wasn't far out of the gate, but I have to say, whatever its intended purpose, it looks like it could've been a lot of fun.

Scope out the potentially spoilery footage after the jump.

Update: The YouTube video has been removed, but you can still catch the footage at 1up.

Update 2: It's back on YouTube.

[Via io9]

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